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"Good grief, it is as if the devil is shitting Dutchmen" - Pepys at the battle of Chatham, 1667

Salutations to ye, other members of this community,

Whilst vigorously browsing through livejournal I noticed this here community on sailing and the world at sea and, without a moment of hesitation, I decided to join.

By means of introduction; I am a 23 year old Dutchman (prefer the term Netherlander as Dutch is a non-sequiter in the Netherlands itself) and have a strong passion for the world at sea with, in particular, the 17th century exploits of the Netherlandic navy. Though recently I've moved to Iowa for a while to study at ISU, I've worked at the batavia shipyards (www.bataviawerf.nl) where old 17th century ships-of-the-line and east indiamen are being replicated through traditional means. Currently the most illustrious 17th century sailing ship lies in the stocks of creation: the "Zeven Provincien" or "Seven Provinces", which was the flagship of admiral Michiel de Ruyter (see user icon) who, amongst many other exploits, sailed up the Thames in 1667 sacking the English fleet in their own port in reprisal for the sacking of the coastal town of Scheveningen. This all took place during the second Anglo-Dutch wars (1665-1667).

In either event, I am about to study history at ISU and have the hopes to one day teach the subject myself while remaining closely involved in the research on naval history. I hope to be able to deliver the occassional contribution to this community by writing down accounts of episodes at sea during one of the four Anglo-Dutch wars and/or perhaps write the random fictional piece on these wars. Hopefully I'll also learn a bit more in the process about the English and American navies from other members here.

On a final note, I have a seperate livejournal completely dedicated to the Netherlands in the 17th century and most entries so far have dealt with some of the battles fought during the Anglo-Dutch wars (tactics, results, ship listings and so forth). This livejournal can be found under the name bestevaer , should anybody be interested.

Anyhow, this introduction has become lengthy enough.

Thank you for letting me join and,

een behouden vaart.



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