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Lieutenant Jerrold

In the fiction realm, has anyone read the Lieutenant Jerrold books (The Reluctant Adventures of Lieutenant Martin Jerrold)?  I've read the first one, The Blighted Cliffs, and right now I'm reading the second, The Chains of Albion.  Apparently the third one has just come out, Treason's River, but I haven't gotten it yet.  I think I read that this was supposed to be a trilogy, but I hope this third book ISN'T the last!  They are so funny and entertaining.  I'm always giggling out loud when I read them, so I hope the series will go on.

The books are full of one-liners that crack me up, such as:
Few people had ever expressed such confidence in me; fewer still had been vindicated by it.
The First Lord, I saw, had become only the latest, if most illustrious, of those superiors who believed me to be a credulous simpleton.
Perhaps I thought of the joy on my mother's face when she had received the unique letter from my uncle stating that I had not, contrary to all expectation and precedent, disgraced myself in Dover.
If there was one thing I hated about command, other than the master's endless gibes, it was the great scope it gave me to make an idiot of myself.
"It must be a cipher!" I spoke with the wonder of revelation, and looked at the two Frenchmen before me.  "Do either of you know any secret French codes?"
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