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Ahoy there, sluggish community!

Greetings, sailing fans.
I'm reading Nathaniel Philbrick's new book, Mayflower. It's good! It doesn't focus on the Mayflower at all; it deals with the settlers. But I love history in general as well as seafaring, and I'm loving this book.
Any of you read anything good lately?
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While not sail history or directly sail related, I did just finish a series of books by S. M. Stirling.

"Island in the Sea of Time, Against the Tide of Years, ON the Oceans of Eturnity" in which the entire island of Nantucket and the USS Eagle are transported back about 6000 years in time with all thier technology and education still functioning.

Its all about sea travel and sail, reconquring a world.

The flipside, Dies the Fire and The Protectors war, deal with the world left behind: IN which technology ceases to function. HIgh Pressure Gasses fail (Internal Combustion, Steam Power, Turbines), Electricty ceases functioning and Fast Combustion is gone (Gunpowder, explosives).

A return to the dark ages. Theres a good bit between the Cutty Sark and another ship fighting in a storm.
wow these sound great. I read a book I got at a yard sale or library book sale. It was a reprint of a diary kept on a whaling ship in the early 1800s when this young man (early 20s) was feeling somewhat ill and took to the sea for 1 year and a half in order to regain his health. It was called "Incidents Of a Whaling Voyage". I was hooked on sailing from then, but havent encountered much by way of books I fancy that feature sailing. I prefer to read fantasy/soft science fiction or history. A fantasy novel Im writing (chipping away at centimeter by centimeter) involves a large section about a sea voyage, but I havent gotten near then yet, so I definitely would like to read more for personal and professional reasons. I think the ultimate adventure is to sail on the high seas in a ship thats a reproduction of the old whaling ships. Thats on my list of things to do before I die...but so far itrs just a dream.
Haven't read anything about sailing in a while, but I did read two books that are part of the eventual four volume compilation of the Khlit the Cossac stories written by Harold Lamb back in the early 20th century. Great adventure fiction set in a surprisingly well-researched central Asia, written by a man who would later be an OSS agent operating in central Asia during WW II.