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A couple of questions

I'm in the middle of writing a very short short-story, and - unfortunately for me - the setting is on a ship.
I know next to nothing about ships or how they're built, so I would be very, very grateful if someone here could point me in the direction of where I can find some good sources dealing with them? Google didn't really help since I have no clue where to start searching.

The story is set somewhere between 1750-1850, around the British Islands.

Anything and everything is very much appreciated.
Thanks in advance!
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Start with some basic research in to 'tall ship's on google. From there, spider web out following the terms and links you fine. Also try 'whaling' in the same time period for more detailed accounts of shipboard life.

It's a start! I'll try with that.
ooh, good luck with your research! It sounds like it could be fascinating! I've read a lot of books featuring different sizes of sailing ships, and such, but my knowlege is very sketchy. It's important to establish what the purpose of this ship is. If it's a Naval vessel, it probably has cannon, and fast is good. Merchant, it has to carry a lot and/or be fast (like old-fashioned FedEx!) Whaling, it doesn't matter if its fast, but it has to be able to take a beating, 'cause those ships sailed 'round Cape Horn all the time!
Thanks for the tips! It's a merchant ship, so I'll be doing some digging on that.

And here I thought writing a -short- story would be easy for once... Couldn't have been more wrong. ^.~
Dover Publications have a great books on ships. I just bought one called Nautical Illustrations, ed. Jim Harter.

And they also have a few others--like the Book of Old Ships and Sailing Vessels in Authentic early 19th century illustrations.

I've been writing my own story around colonial ships--and Nautical Illustrations is a real inspiration!

This is a shipyard in the Netherlands which recreates 17th century sailing ships and has some pages on the schematics and terminology of ships-of-the-line and East Indiamen. Somewhere there is a button for an english version of the website. I've worked here for a while, so should that search prove fruitless contact me and I'll do my best to help out in whatever other way I can.